Visiting your Raleigh eye doctor is one of those things that everyone needs to do, but they will tend to put off until the end of the year. The problem with that is when you have an employer based health insurance plan. If you put it off until the new year, there is a good chance that the money you have put into your insurance based savings account can expire and not roll over.

HSA Vs FSA Explained By Your Raleigh Optometrists

An FSA, also known as a flexible spending account, is a special account that you can get through company based health insurance plans. You can put your into the account tax free, and lots of times your job will either match it or put in a bit themselves. This is a great account to have that will help you take care of those out of pocket trips to the doctor, or the uninsured eye exam you need.

An HSA is a health savings account that is owned by you as an individual, and is also tax free. It can also be used for out of pocket medical or vision expenses.

The difference between the two is that an FSA does not roll over, unless your job allows it. And even if they do allow it, only a maximum of $500 can carry over. Meanwhile an HSA allows you to carry the money over year to year.

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