5 reasons to get contact lenses from your Raleigh OptometristAnyone who wears glasses knows that they can be a hassle, and should know about alternative vision correction solutions. Contact lenses provide a way to correct one’s vision without having to wear anything on the face. For those who are considering contact lenses, here are five things to know about them!

Why Should You Get Contact Lenses?

1. Contact Lenses Are Good For Full-Time Glasses Wearers

Some people only need to wear glasses part of the time, while others need full-time vision correction. Those who wear glasses all-day are those most suited for contact lenses, which can provide corrected vision in an inconspicuous manner.

2. Get Contacts For Situations That Call For Them

There are many situations where glasses are simply not suitable to the activity at hand. Certain kinds of work, as well as sports, can be situations where one may prefer contact lenses over glasses. For those who are using a computer or other electronic device for long periods of time, Bausch & Lomb Ultra Contact Lenses are specially designed to ease the strain on one’s eyes that can come from the prolonged use of technology.

3. There Are Different Kinds of Contacts

When considering contacts, know that there are two options available:

Soft and hard contact lenses. Hard contact lenses are more rigid than soft lenses, but require more cleaning, and are more fragile. That being said, hard contact lenses can provide sharper corrected vision, but also have a longer break-in period in terms of getting used to them.

Soft lenses have three common types, including disposable, extended-wear, and daily-wear varieties. Hard lenses comes in types including conventional and rigid gas-permeable. Speak with your optometrist about which is the best type for you, as well as instructions on how to wear and care for your contact lenses.

4. There Are Special Contact Lenses for Special Circumstances

If someone has presbyopia, a condition where one cannot focus on small text or items that are far away, then they may need bifocal contact lenses. BioTrue OneDay Multifocal lenses are an option in this case, as well as Air Optix Multifocal lenses. Those with allergies should consider BioTrue OneDay or Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus contacts, which are disposable contacts worn for a single day before being discarded, which makes them more comfortable for allergy sufferers.

5. Get Up to Speed on the Newest Contact Lenses

Many people have been wearing contact lenses for years, but don’t know about newer options that have become available to them. Scheduling an eye exam and speaking with an optometrist can get one up-to-date on the newest kinds of contact lenses.

For those seeking an optometrist to provide them with an eye exam and contact lenses, consider Family Eye Care Center in Raleigh, NC. We accept a wide range of insurance plans, and can help you find the contact lenses that are best suited for your needs.

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