the importance of routine eye exams for young children in RaleighWhen it comes to raising children, it is critical to ensure they have a solid foundation of good health. This is accomplished by providing them with the resources they need to grow healthy and strong by guiding them to healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Nowhere is this more important than looking after your young child’s eye health as they develop their eyesight and hand-eye coordination. As you look out for the eye health of your child you have a partner in your eye doctor in Raleigh.

Children with uncorrected vision will likely face more obstacles and complications than blurred vision. They are statistically more likely to experience academic difficulties, social challenges, and even athletic obstacles. Going without quality eye care can leave your child unable to reach his or her full potential. As a parent, there are few things more tragic than knowing your child could have reached further but simply lacked the nurturing or resources.

Why Are Routine Eye Exams Important for Children?

The Earlier The Better

It is never too early to have your child’s eyes checked. It can be more difficult to make a judgment on an infant or toddler’s eye health due to the lack of feedback through verbal confirmation. However, the earlier degenerative conditions are identified the sooner they can be effectively treated. A child’s brain learns how to use eyes to process sight and will learn to work around a vision problem. For example, if an infant cannot fully open its eyes due to a weak eyelid muscle, their brain will learn to bypass that eye and rely on the opposite eye. On the other hand, early detection of the condition provides the opportunity for a corrective surgery that allows the brain to utilize both eyes and maximize sight.

Experts recommend that babies have their first eye exam at six months of age. That’s right: it is important to have your eyes checked before you are even able to walk or talk.

Once A Year Will Do

Throughout childhood (and throughout life) an annual eye exam is a great way to proactively address eye health. Even people who do not require the use of corrective lenses can benefit greatly from having their eyesight and eye health checked out once per year. Conditions such as glaucoma and excessive dryness, can be discovered during an annual exam and treatment can begin before long term damage is done.

Your Eye Doctor in Raleigh Can Help

Whether you suspect your child is having trouble seeing or you want to schedule their first eye exam, your eye doctor in Raleigh can show you the way. As you seek to be the best parent you can be, don’t forget to make eye health a high priority as your child develops.

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