What Are The Best Contact Lenses For Me In the past, contact lenses were hard and uncomfortable. Those who wore them were grateful at the end of the day to finally be taking them out. Nowadays, however, anyone who wears contacts must consider several kinds of options when choosing contact lenses.

These choices range from the health-related to the aesthetic, as it is possible to buy contact lenses to change eye color. Users can get contact lenses to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and some other irregularities.

Soft Contact Lenses

Daily Lenses: These are usually the least expensive, and are popular because they are easy to use and work well. Users take them out at the end of every night and must clean them on a regular basis. These may last for quite a while, depending on which type.

Extended Wear Lenses: You can wear them for up to a week, but you must take them out and disinfect them at least once every week. These can be dangerous because users are more prone to infections because the contacts spend so much time covering the eyes without being cleaned. However, for the right users, they are inexpensive, comfortable, and much more convenient that contact lenses that need to be taken out every night.

Disposable Lenses: These are the most expensive, and if you choose this option you may need to buy a much larger number of them. You never have to clean them or disinfect them, because you throw them away as soon as you take them out. However, there are different lengths of time they may last, as you can buy ones that are good for daily, weekly or even monthly wear. You might choose these if convenience was your paramount concern, or if you can’t stand the disinfecting solution.

Hard Contact Lenses

Although most people will choose soft contact lenses, there are some legitimate reasons to choose the traditional hard lenses. They are rigid and gas-permeable but provide crisp, clear vision for most of the people who choose them.

These kinds of lenses can be more breathable, which reduces eye infections for those who are prone. They are also often more comfortable for those people who suffer from dry eyes. Some may even be worn for extended periods now, instead of needing to be removed nightly.

Making the Choice

The bottom line is, you need to make an informed choice with the help of your doctor. While there are many variables in contact lenses, a lot of what is best for you will depend on the health of your eyes and your lifestyle.

If you need any help making your choice, our eye doctors in Raleigh would be happy to help you make the choice that’s right for you. We offer a comprehensive examination, to make sure your eyes are healthy and see if there are any contact lenses that would not be good for you. We are currently accepting new patients, and accept most forms of insurance.