Steps To Help Prevent Diabetic Eye DiseasesA diabetic patient is at a very high risk of developing eye diseases especially glaucoma and cataract, there is, however, ways to keep your eyes safe during your diabetes. Follow these simple steps:

Visit Your Optometrist

Once or twice a year, it is highly recommended that you visit your eye doctor for a detailed check-up. Diabetic eye diseases in their early stages usually don’t have any symptoms but a thorough dilated eye examination helps the doctor to look more closely and detect any early signs so you can start your medications before it damages your optic nerve, being regular while visiting your optometrist help him/her detect the disease as soon as possible.

Blood Sugar Test

The lens of your eye and the nerve supplying it are very sensitive to your blood sugar level. Any deviation might prove to be fatal for your eyes. Get a thorough blood test and in case of high or low blood sugar, take appropriate measures to bring it to the normal value.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Cholesterol and Blood Pressure levels are the two very serious contributing factors that one needs to be aware of. Keep a blood pressure monitor and check your blood pressure every day. Keep your diet healthy so your cholesterol levels remain under control.

Quit Using Tobacco

Diabetic retinopathy has a higher risk of developing in a person who is constantly inhaling nicotine. Quit smoking and give up any sort of tobacco intake if you are diabetic.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to your physical fitness. Exercise is very good for your eyes, it keeps the blood rushing in veins and increases the concentration of more capillaries for blood supply around the area. It’s not only good for the eyes but also for your overall health and it helps you manage your weight which is helpful in a diabetic patient.
Visit Family Eyecare Center for detailed check-ups.